• Question #1: "How long will my repair take?"
    • Answer: Refer to the table below:
      • Estimate Repair Work Duration
        Bumper Repair/Replacement 1-3 days
        Repair Hood/Fender 5-7 days
        Repair Front End w/Frame Work 7-10 days
        Repair End/or Side Panel 4-6 days
        Replace Trunk/Side or End Panel 9-14 days
        Over $5K damage 14-21 days
        Not-Drivable Add 5 days to all times quoted
  • Question #2: "Do you deal with the insurance paperwork?"
    • Answer: Yes. We handle all the details so you don't have to.
  • Question #3: "I need a rental car. Do you rent cars?"
    • Answer: Yes we have a Hertz facility on-site so you don't have to go anywhere else!
  • Question #4: "Do your facility have the correct equipment and certifications?"
    • Answer: Yes we are an I-Car Gold class shop which means our employees have all the latest tools and training. We also have some of the finest frame machines and welding equipment available. We have the finest spray booth in all of Santa Cruz County.
  • Question #5: "I need a ride home. Can you help me with that?"
    • Answer: Yes. We can give you a ride, as long as it is reasonably close...can't take you to LA! :)